Beer Tees: the Bad, the Ugly and the Douchebag

Over the weekend, while savoring a Moo Cluck Oink! Burger at Hennessey’s Tavern, I spotted this gentleman at the bar whose T-shirt caught my attention.  D.E.A. Drink Every Afternoon. But is he letting the rest of us know that he does, or is he reminding himself to do so? I mean, I set alarms on my phone to remind me to shave my legs the next time I shower, not forget my lunch in the fridge, or reply to someone on LinkedIn, etc. so I wouldn’t judge the fellow for using a T-shirt instead.


Either way, I was inspired to look up what other kinds of beer T-shirts Google sprung up…..and the following I will place in a category called:

Douchebag Beer T-shirts:


Okay, obviously “thinking out loud” is now appropriate for Tees. I can bet though, if someone wore this in front of their GF, they wouldn’t have anyone to call “Babe” afterward. Because you know what, our stories are really actually interesting, you guys just have the attention span of a Republican during an Obama speech. But, if a girl wore this…..



If you have to wear this shirt, you most likely NEVER do. Surprisingly, 73 of these have sold on ebay!!


Just FYI, we can see your beer gut whether you publicize it on a white tee or not. The only time this sort of tee with an arrow should be allowed is if you’re pregnant.

Now, sadly but not surprising, when I Googled “girl’s beer T-shirt” the variety is non-existent and we are left with two choices:




The Spanish version!


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