Getting Shipwrecked Leads to a Hop Stoopid Friday Night

I have to confess: Flying Dog Raging Bitch really knocked my teeth out.  After trying it, I did not want to go near an IPA.  But, like everything else in life, we can’t let one bitch ruin it for everyone else, right? So, this weekend, I decided to give IPA’s another chance.  Not only that, but I went for the first Double IPA label I saw: Mission Brewery’s Shipwrecked.


This was definitely out of my beer comfort zone since, up until 4 months ago, I stuck to only blonde beers and an occasional “Dos Equis.”  It was wild.  But now…it was Friday night – post Pay Day – I was feeling daring at the grocery store, so instead of the usual Red Box-wine-sushi, I opted for two IPA’s, Friday’s Mozzarella Sticks and a trashy drama from Hulu.

The second choice, Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, I had already tried but I wanted to see how it compared or if I could even tell at all (I almost never can.)  And the beer battle began:


Shipwrecked was actually better than I expected.  It didn’t have that crazy bitter aftertaste like Raging Bitch did.  It kind of sneaks up on you like tequila though because I didn’t feel anything right away, so I downed the 2nd beer right after.  Well, let’s just say I got real Hop Stoopid and Shipwrecked that night but it’s nice to know I can love IPA’s again.

3 thoughts on “Getting Shipwrecked Leads to a Hop Stoopid Friday Night

  1. I’m a simple man and love simplicity. PBR, Highlife…simple. Lead me to a simple IPA that won’t scare me away too fast, would ya?-#shafter

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